About Me

I am drawn to the age when car ownership was rare and when motorcars were exotic beasts. I have a particular affection for Pre-war Bugatti’s and Bentleys with the odd Frazer-Nash thrown in for variety – this doesn’t however limit my enjoyment of any interesting vehicle.

Dads Frazer Nash TT Rep

Dads Frazer Nash TT Rep

My love of cars may have started when my father had a Frazer-Nash TT Rep, followed by 1938 Frazer Nash BMW 327-80 and a 356 Porsche. Early memories of the 327 include climbing over the back seat to get into the tyre well to get out of the rain coming in through the leaking roof!

Me with 327 and 356

Me at age 4 With the BMW 327 and the 356

My own first car was of course a Mini, progressing to a much loved Alfasud which while a lovely car to drive seemed to have been built from recycled submarines. It disappeared gradually around me until I blew up that delightful boxer engine.

Then came a wife and family and nothing interesting in the garage. There was a fling with a 1973 E9 BMW csi - a relationship not entirely without rancour.

If I were to be asked what my dream car might be I would certainly be drawing from the golden age and probably stump for the Bugatti type 57 Atlantic or a chain-drive GN.

I have been, by profession, a Commercial Photographer and Designer, working in many specialisations over the years.

My Art is an extension of my previous creative work. I loved photography in the good-old-days when we used film and did magical things under the dark-cloth. With digital I feel we have lost some of that magic. I felt the need to get back to some more basic art-form.

some bits in my studio


The vision I have for my artwork is often nostalgic. I love to experiment with different media looking at a combination of the simple and dynamic.

Automotive art enables me to express movement and tell a story. I often find that viewers imagine an alternative story to the one I have seen, I love this, it means to me that the viewer has engaged with my art and used their own imagination to personalise it to themselves.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the artwork and will come back soon.

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