Automotive Art by Jonathan Kelly


My name is Jonathan Kelly and I’m an artist that specialises in automotive art. My studio is based in Maidstone in Kent, in the South East of England where I am surrounded by fruit orchards and country pubs.

The paintings are impressions of the subject – you won’t find photo-realistic artworks in my gallery. My aim is for you to enjoy the emotion and energy that I hope I have captured in each artwork.

I am often asked what I use to make my pictures.  First of all each one is different and the techniques I use for each differs as well, consequently each artwork is unique and represents my interpretation of the subject.

Finally, thank you for visiting my site, and viewing my pictures.

I hope you enjoy them.

automotive- art

I am currently in an experimental phase – I do this from time to time – consequently you will see that my pictures are presented in varied styles and sizes.

It is necessary to remain fresh, relevant and energetic while staying true to ones passions and outlook.